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The perfect pair of glasses can be just the thing you need to pull your personal style together while improving your vision. Our team of eyewear professionals will help you find the perfect look, making the selection process enjoyable for you. We take into consideration your facial features, prescription, activities, lifestyle, and personal style to help you choose just the right look for you.


  • Digital progressive and single vision lenses: The newest technology in no-line bifocal lenses and lenses specially made for large prescriptions or astigmatism.
  • Workspace/task lenses: Great for the modern lifestyle of extensive computer use.
  • No glare coating: The newest anti-reflective coating drastically reduces scratching on lenses. It can also minimize glare while working at a computer or while driving at night. It is also hydrophobic (repels water) and oleophobic (repels oils) to make keeping your lenses clean easier!
  • Blue light protection: Harmful blue light is all around us and can contribute to long-term damage of the eyes. We have many blue light options to help protect your eyes.
  • Transitions® lenses: Allows your lenses to darken when exposed to UV light so you see with just the right amount of light.
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Protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation whenever you are outside with a pair of sunglasses from our Optical Shop.

If you have prescription eyewear, we offer polarized lenses with backside no glare coating lenses to shelter your eyes from the sun’s glare, as well as attachable sunglass “clips” for your existing glasses.

If you wear contacts or do not need prescription eyewear, we offer a large selection of non-prescription sunglasses.

Other Services

  • EnChroma® eyewear – Bring greater vibrancy and color to your world with EnChroma® high-performance eyewear for color blindness. Check our their website for more information.
  • Smith ski googles—love winter sports we have just the eyewear for you!

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