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Richie Eye Clinic & LASIK Center


Care You Trust From People You Know

Our mission at Richie Eye Clinic & LASIK Center is to meet the complete vision needs of each patient by providing the highest quality service from people who care.

Eyecare Services in Faribault & Northfield

Comprehensive Eye Exams
Contact lenses
Urgent care visits
On-call doctor 24-7
Surgical and medical consults

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Get To Know Our Doctors

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michael GSP UID 94a3a456 3e5c 4b3d 8f71 5ef03246e7f5

Dr. Michael G. Richie

cory GSP UID 94a3a435 c5fa 476c bfb9 ec352f473956

Dr. Cory J. Miller

bruce GSP UID 94a3a308 2e43 4d6f 8e90 ea688aa114a2

Dr. Bruce V. Gustafson

murray GSP UID 94a3a386 3ecc 4e2b 8e10 89c735e8ca00

Dr. Murray H. Hanson

misty GSP UID 94a3a486 890f 4237 a538 108400a06ef3

Dr. Misty J. Purfeerst

david GSP UID 94a3a411 043b 44b0 bdbc 029af8263edf

Dr. David E. Malmanger

angella GSP UID 94a3a3c1 07a5 474b a724 59b7c9c34ed7

Dr. Angella Bonde Schaefer

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