Prevent Macular Degeneration with Prevencia

George and Jane discuss Prevencia for prevention of macular degeneration
By Dr. Michael Richie, MD, Richie Eye Clinic, Faribault, MN

“Sun damage? How are his eyes going to get sun damaged when he never leaves the house? All he does is play his video games, text his friends, and fiddle with that i-pad?”

“Oh George,” said Jane, “it makes sense if you will just let me explain.”

“I don’t know…sounds like a scam to me” said George.

“Well, George, the eye doctor described it this way. We all know how the sun can make macular degeneration of the retina worse,” Jane explained. “Some will even say it can cause macular degeneration with enough exposure.”

“Yeah…I know that, but he’s inside most of the time,” George argued.

“I know, but let me finish,” said Jane. “The damaging rays are the UV portion of the light, worse now with loss of some of the ozone layer. That is why everyone should wear UV blocking sunglasses while outdoors.”

“I know that, but again, he is inside.”

“Stop interrupting…you have heard of ‘blue light?’ Blue light is very close to UV light, higher energy than the rest of the light we see, but vital for our daily activities,” Jane said.

“What do you mean,” George asked.

“Blue light helps our body’s natural clock and helps keep our sleep patterns normal, but the highest energy levels of blue light are much like UV light,” Jane explained. “In the old days, that small amount of ‘high energy blue’ light was not a problem.”

“What has changed?” George wandered.

“Technology,” Jane stated flatly. “All of our wonderful technological devices like phones, i-pads, HD TV’s, and computers all use LCD and LED lights and are overloading us with high energy blue light. I think the Doctor refereed to it as ‘HEV’ which stands for ‘High Energy Viole’ light.”

“So you are telling me that all these wonderful devices could make us go blind!” George shouted.

“Now don’t go off the deep end, George,” said Jane. “It just means our exposure is higher than in the past and we need to know about the risk it could pose. All these things could make macular degeneration more prevalent as our kids get older, especially in families with a history of it like ours.”

“That does make you think,” George said reasonably. “What did the Doctor recommend?”

“Prevention, of course; isn’t that what your boss Mr. Spacely harps on? It is always the best way. He talked about how to best limit our exposure,” said Jane. “He recommended a lens coating for our glasses called Prevencia that will block out 25% of the HEV rays, allowing enough blue light to enter to keep our biological clock ticking but minimizing the risk of retinal damage.”

“Does he even need glasses?” George asked.

“He does but even if he didn’t, we would be getting him the Prevencia coating,” Jane said forcefully, “The Doctor also asked about you and me, too. You know…we spend too much time in front of the computer and on our phones, so we should get it, too. I am having my computer glasses made with the Prevencia coating and you should too”

“Well, I have been meaning to get come glasses for the computer so I don’t have to tip my head back so far to look through the bifocal,” George said, massaging his neck. “I get pretty sore staring at the Spacely Sprocket website all day. This gives me a good reason to do it and get the Prevencia coating as well.”

“Good plan, George,” Jane said smugly, having achieved her unstated goal.

“Now,” said George, “looks like I should get the young man outside; seems safer out there than in his room.” Rising from the couch he shouts “Come on, Elroy! Grab Astro and your sister Judy…we’re going for a walk!”

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