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LASIK Surgery

LASIK (short for “Laser in Situ Keratomileusis”) is an outpatient procedure that can reduce or eliminate your dependency on glasses or contacts. It improves vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

These problems occur when the shape of the outer layer of the eye—the cornea—does not allow light to focus properly on the back of the eye. In the past, refractive errors have been treated with either glasses or contact lenses.

LASIK corrects refractive errors by adjusting the shape of the cornea. This is done using a laser to reshape the underlying tissue. By altering the shape of the cornea so that light can focus correctly within the eye, LASIK can improve your vision!

LASIK offers several important advantages over other types of vision correction surgery. Using a technologically advanced laser, LASIK is able to achieve a high level of precision.

The surgery itself lasts less than half an hour (including prep time) and you should notice a definite improvement in your vision just one day after surgery. (With previous procedures, visual improvement may not have been noticeable for up to a week.)

You’ll be able to resume most normal activities soon after surgery—without glasses or contacts!

If you are interested in improving your vision, scheduling a free consultation at Richie Eye Clinic is a great first step. Most people prove to be excellent candidates for LASIK, but approximately 5 percent of people should not have the procedure performed.

LASIK Surgery: The Laser Technologies We Use

The Richie Eye Clinic treats exclusively with Wavefront Laser Technology for all laser vision correction procedures. Based on your exam, your correction and your cornea, your surgeon will choose the most appropriate Wavefront technology for you.

We offer the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q Laser and the VISX CustomVue Laser. Both of these offer the best possible correction to minimize the risks of glare and loss of contrast sensitivity, using advanced “mapping” techniques to guide the treatment.

Richie Eye Clinic utilizes the safe and effective Intralase laser for flap creation. This advanced, precision technique prepares your eyes for vision correction and allows for greater customization with your treatment while reducing risk.

Please contact us to discuss our LASIK Procedures.

Dear Richie Eye Clinic & LASIK Center Family and Friends,

As we head into the Holiday Season and the New Year, I have some news to share.

As many of you know, we have added some new doctors to our team in the last couple of years. Dr. Josh Spedding OD, our new Optometrist, joined us last summer and is currently seeing patients in both our Northfield and Faribault offices. We are thrilled to have Dr. Spedding on our team and welcome him and his family to the area.

Dr. Cory Miller, MD joined us in 2021 and we welcomed Dr. Mike Reinsbach, MD to our team this past summer. Both are Board Certified Ophthalmologists and skilled surgeons specializing in High Technology Cataract Surgery with Advanced Lens Implants, LASIK, Retinal injections, MIGS Surgery for Glaucoma, as well as the usual medical and surgical management of eye disease.

With the addition of these high performing providers, I am transitioning my role in 2023 to concentrate on Practice Development while continuing to serve as the Medical Director overseeing our practice protocols and procedures. Dr. Miller and Dr. Reinsbach will be assuming my day-to-day patient care duties.

I have done my best over the past several months to tell everyone of this transition plan while personally introducing Dr. Miller and Dr. Reinsbach; please accept my apologies if I missed any of you during this time.

Rest assured, we will continue our commitment to providing cutting edge care. Starting in 2023 look for Dropless Cataract Surgery, Light-Adjustable Lens Implants, and so much more…

Thank you for the Trust and Confidence you have shown me over the past 32 years. Please feel free to call us at (507) 332-9900 for questions, concerns, or clarification.


Mike Richie, MD

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