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Welcome to the LASIK Center

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What is LASIK? 

LASIK is laser vision correction using a laser to create a flap on the cornea, then another laser to reshape the cornea to correct distance vision, near vision, and astigmatism.  

Prior to the procedure, an anesthetic drop is used to numb the eye. The actual time it takes to make the flap is about 5 seconds per eye and depending on the correction, it may take from 3-15 seconds for the second laser to do the reshaping and correction portion of the treatment.  

 Treatment Options 

We offer two different treatments at Richie Eye Clinic & LASIK Center - Wavefront Optimized and Wavefront Guided, also called Contoura. Dr. Richie believes these treatments are the best options for the best outcomes. We map every patient’s eyes and develop a customized treatment plan using either Wavefront Optimized or Contoura. Dr. Richie will choose which option will give each patient the best possible outcome.  

We do not believe in tiered pricing at Richie Eye Clinic & LASIK Center. We do not want patients to choose a lesser treatment or lesser outcome based on a lower price option. At Richie Eye Clinic & LASIK Center, you deserve the best and you get the best.  Because here, you are family!  

All-Laser, All-Wavefront, All the Time. 

 Customized LASIK Pricing Includes:   

Post – operative visits for 6 months 

Free enhancements for up to 3 years following your procedure 

 Our Surgeon 

Dr. Richie has been doing LASIK since 1996 when LASIK was FDA approved. That’s over 25 years of experience, now right here close to home in Southern Minnesota.  

“I stopped counting when I passed 10,000 procedures in 2006” is Dr. Richie’s answer when he is asked how many LASIK procedures he has done.  

 Financing options 

Richie Eye Clinic & LASIK Center offers easy financing using CareCredit.  

  • $0 Down 
  • 0% Interest 
  • Up to 12-months financing* 

    *Subject to credit approval by CareCredit. No interest is charged on the purchase when you pay the amount charged in full by the end of your promotional period.  

     World Class LASIK, Small Town Traffic at Southern Minnesota’s newest, most advanced LASIK Center.  

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